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By Beth Hawkins on

Engagement reflection points

Our engagement reflection points put the audience at the heart of what we do, helping us influence and shape their engagement with, and attitudes towards, science.

Science capital research brings together everything that we know about good science engagement.

A science-capital-informed approach is about reflecting on your science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) engagement offer through the eyes of your audiences. Taking this approach allows us to create an environment where people from all walks of life feel welcome at, and inspired by, our STEM experiences.

The engagement reflection points help us critically think about our audiences’ experience – from the environment that we invite them into, to the feelings and emotions they will take from our experiences.

These key points can easily be applied to any STEM engagement experience:


Use visual and verbal language that acknowledges diversity and is sensitive to differences to help everyone feel that they can do and be a part of STEM.

BUILD Confidence and ownership

How can you ensure that everyone feels welcome and confident to take part in your experiences?

HIghlight and develop Skills

Help people to recognise that they already have and use a wide range of STEM skills in their everyday lives.

Promote STEM talk

Spark discussion and encourage people to think and talk about the STEM in their lives.

Extend the experience

Provide ways to help  people to continue making STEM connections in their everyday lives

broaden perceptions of who uses stem

Show diverse examples of the people who use and benefit from STEM in their work and everyday lives.

use Everyday examples

Think about how you can support people to link STEM content to their own diverse interests and experiences.

build on STEM content knowledge

Value and build on people’s existing STEM knowledge and experiences.

give Positive reinforcement

Help people to feel that science and maths is something they can do.


Our reflection points were informed by science capital and wider science engagement research and are founded on our Science Museum Group approach and values. Our previous blog post shares more about the development of our reflection points and provides examples of how they can each be practically applied.

You can read more about our reflection points and how we are taking a science capital informed approach in our Engaging All Audiences With STEM booklet.

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