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Sharing our experience

The Science Museum Group’s philosophy and approach is to ignite curiosity around science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by assisting discovery through active participation and social interaction.

As a family of national museums, we have the opportunity to work with audiences both large and small, in on-site and off-site programmes, as well as online. Our ways of working are informed by our Learning Framework, Audience Research & Advocacy, guidance from the ILFA framework that identifies learning outcomes, internal staff training programmes, an understanding of audiences, and an understanding of applied research in informal learning.

Top tips resources

Our Sharing Experience resources have been developed using our insights from working across a wide range of projects and activities with different audiences.

Videos and animations

Watch these videos and animations about the research and work we’re doing.

Reports and publications

We have held seminars and training for colleagues internally and across the sector to introduce and explore the value and application of the science capital research.

You can find more in-depth reports and information about our Audience Research and Advocacy team on our Audience Research page.

Transforming practice conference report

Read about our first ‘Transforming Practice’ seminar at the Science Museum, London, to introduce the value of science capital research and our work translating it into practice.

Science Capital in Practice

How does a science capital approach work in practice? Find out from science centres and museums around the UK.