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Out and about

At the end of July, Kate Davis visited the October Gallery in Bloomsbury to see Rock, Paper, Scissors, an exhibition co-curated with the Gallery’s Youth Collective. Made up of young people aged 14-24, the Youth Collective meet each week to explore contemporary art, meet artists and each year, create an exhibition.

After a two-year hiatus the out and about series returns! The world is opening up once more and we are able to get out and about to explore incredible places. In this edition Andy Lickley explores the Castle Museum in York. In this post he provides and shares the activities and exhibits that he discovered which helped visitors feel welcome and confident to take part in the museum’s experiences.

In the latest ‘Out and About’, Maxwell Hamilton took his niece to Eureka! The National Children’s Museum. He shares how they were made to feel welcome, and how the experience encouraged science talk and helped them link STEM to their everyday lives.

For the latest installment of ‘out and about’, Scout Davies explored the Yorkshire Museum. In this post she provides examples of exhibits and activities that help visitors feel welcome and confident to take part in the museum’s experiences.

Each year the Royal Society hosts their Summer Science Exhibition. As part of the team who deliver training to researchers and STEM professionals involved in the programme, Scout Davies visited the exhibition looking for examples of good engagement practice.

For the bank holiday weekend Scout Davies, one of our Academy Programme Leaders, headed ‘out and about’ to Battersea Park Childrens’ Zoo. Here she shares some examples of good science engagement practice from her recent trip.

In this series we go ‘out and about’ searching for examples of good science engagement practice. In this post Maxwell Hamilton, the new Science Museum Group Academy Programme Lead for Manchester, explores Manchester Museum.