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Audience Research

We have been working over 25 years of continuous activity in a dedicated department, which has led to a large body of evidence and expertise in Audience Research.

The team ensures all our exhibitions, programmes and online resources are truly audience focused and that we deliver memorable and inspiring learning experiences. We do this through researching the needs, wants and expectations of audiences, then advocating for these throughout the development.

We’re involved at every stage—before, during and after a project is developed. In all cases, the permanent team builds a library of knowledge about audiences and feeds back lessons learned to future projects.

The team’s influence stretches from the production of individual exhibits up to a strategic level, and always supports the Museum’s ambition to champion the understanding, enjoyment and prestige of science in modern society.

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If you’re looking for short summaries on our approach to running a successful learning programme, visit the Sharing our experience page.