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By Beth Hawkins on

See, Link, Wonder: A discussion tool

See, Link, Wonder is our simple question and discussion tool to help people to make observations and personal connections with an experience.

Our See, Link, Wonder object engagement and discussion tool.

See, Link, Wonder is a tool that can be used with any object, image or even a hands-on experience.

The questions enable people to follow their own interests and make their own links and connections with what they see or do.

Helping to bring objects to life

Museums, like ours, can feel like overwhelming places, and it can be difficult to know where to begin when you are surrounded by hundreds of different objects.

With no right or wrong answers, the questions invite everyone to talk openly about what they see and experience so to inspire them to explore further and come up with more questions of their own – helping to bring the experience and the objects to life.

See, Link, Wonder is not just a museum activity, it can be used in any location with any object you want to explore – at home, in the classroom, in the park or playground.

This short animation introduces how to use the See, Link, Wonder tool.

See, Link, Wonder embodies our science engagement reflection points, by helping develop peoples observational skills as well as giving them confidence to talk about what they see and take ownership of their learning or science engagement experience.

You can read more about the research and development behind the tool in our earlier blog post – Developing our See,Link, Wonder question tool.

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