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Turn your museum visit into a giant interactive game with our free downloadable app, Treasure Hunters.

We have created a game designed to help visitors explore the world around them. Treasure Hunters encourages players to look beyond the most popular objects in the gallery and create a completely unique experience, with the chance to learn about objects they might not have noticed otherwise. Everyone can get involved and go head-to-head for badges and treasure.

iPhone and iPad download

How to play Treasure Hunters

Whether players are alone or in groups, only one device is needed to be able to play.

Each player – or team – has the option to add their name, choose an avatar and select where it is that they are playing. This information won’t be stored once the game has ended.

Treasure Hunters can be played anywhere, not just in a museum – but our museums do have their own specific questions.

The app poses challenges to players, for example:

  • ‘Take a picture of something you think was expensive to make’
  • ‘Find something designed to move really fast’
  • ‘Take a picture of the biggest wheel you can find’

Players competing against each other will take it in turns to find an object that fits the description and photograph it. Once everyone has taken a photo, players are asked to decide a winner. If players can’t agree, they can choose for the app to decide for them. However, be careful – the game chooses at random!

It’s not just competition, either: on some rounds, competing players will be asked to team up and do a challenge together, to collect special badges.

Winners of each round are awarded points, and the final winner is announced when players select ‘END GAME’.