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Image showing the Total Darkness logo in the night sky, with the main characters you will encounter during the game.

About Total Darkness

When the power goes out, it’s time for action in our web-based game.

Venture into the dark, explore different locations and meet new characters – creating your own unique adventure as you play!

Use your science skills to get the power back on and see if you can discover the real reason behind the sudden darkness covering the whole town. This game puts you in control, it’s your choices and decisions that will guide you through the story to discover the cause.

Will you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

How To Play

Total Darkness is a totally free web-based game, and can be played on any desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can play below, or click here for a full page version.

Science capital and the methodology behind the game

Total Darkness uses digital storytelling to help children recognise how the skills they have and use everyday are useful to STEM.

When developing the game, we undertook a huge amount of research to make sure it was based on SMG’s approach towards informal science learning – what we call science capital. Science capital is all about helping people see that science is a subject beyond the classroom, part of everyday life and something everyone can be part of and do.

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