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The images in these resources tell the forgotten story of the ambulance trains used to evacuate sick and injured troops on an unprecedented scale during the First World War.

Each document covers a specific topic: the role of women; treatment of casualties; how the trains were built and the staff who built them; mental health; logistics and transportation; the British Empire; conscientious objectors.

The images can be used in the classroom to spark curiosity and discussion and encourage students to explore and interpret sources.

Printable downloads

Using images in your classroom

Our Science Museum Group museums are full of amazing objects which are all examples of how STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) has changed our everyday lives.

You can use images:

  • To hook students’ interest at the start of a lesson or to introduce a new topic.
  • To highlight the relevance and practical applications of school subjects in our everyday lives.
  • As part of a discussion to explore the stories of the people who have shaped the world we live in through their passion and creativity.
  • As mystery objects to get your students using their STEM skills such as observation, using prior knowledge and asking questions.
  • To create a display of applications of maths in your classroom, connecting past, present and future examples of technology.
  • In a pre-visit activity to familiarise students with some of the objects and themes they will find in any of our museums.