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Climate Resources and Activities

Follow your curiosity to explore the relationship between humans and the natural environment.

From the energy we use to the way we get around, to even the things we eat and throw away, it all has some impact on the natural world. Use our climate related resources to help you explore some of the science and maths behind climate and sustainability.

Ideal for use in classrooms or home learning, our resources can empower teachers and families alike to help build confidence in science and maths.

Videos and discussion starters

Watch our video events and start a discussion amongst your students whether at home or at school.

Climate Change video series

Explore the science behind climate change in this video series.

For KS2 (7-11), KS3 (11-14) and KS4 (14-16)

Total Darkness game

When the power goes out, it’s time for action in our web-based game, Total Darkness.

For KS2 (7-11) and KS3 (11-14)

Climate Talks

A series of panel discussion Q&As and events exploring the problems caused by climate change.

For KS3 (11-14) and KS4 (14-16)

Carbon Cycle Caper

Learn about how the climate cycle has been affected by our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution.

For KS3 (11-14) and KS4 (14-16)

Object Hunts

Go on an object hunt as a class or family and work together to search for different environment and energy related/themed objects.

They’ll complete challenges and use observation and questioning skills to get thinking and talking about the natural world and our impact on it, or how energy has shaped our lives.

Hands-on activities

These activities have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions using simple materials. Use them to help explore topics around climate and sustainability.

Blow-up balloon

Capture some carbon dioxide, a gas that contributes to global warming, in our Blow-Up Balloon activity.

For KS1 (5-7) and KS2 (7-11)

Bouncy egg

Discover the science behind calcium carbonate and learn how rising ocean acidity is causing real problems for sea creatures with our Bouncy Egg activity.

For KS1 (5-7) and KS2 (7-11)

Wreck your Tech

Instead of throwing unwanted gadgets away, learn how to reuse and recycle items around the house with Wreck Your Tech.

For KS3 (11-14)

3D objects

Take a deep dive into some of the objects in our collection that have changed the way we interact with the world around us.

Ishiguro’s storm model

Shizuo Ishiguro, an electrical engineer and mathematician, developed this electronic storm model to simulate the North Sea and increase our ability to predict the impact of storm surges on our coastline.

For KS2 (7-11), KS3 (11-14) and KS4 (14-16)

Catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is a large metal box that sits underneath your car. They help reduce the chances of us getting ill by reducing the emission of toxic fumes.

For KS2 (7-11), KS3 (11-14) and KS4 (14-16)