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The Move2Learn4Teachers project seeks twelve primary teachers from across the UK who are interested in informing the development of sharable Primary STEM teaching activities and resources.

These resources draw upon research from an international Science Learning+ project (see below for more information).

We are looking for teachers, particularly those with current or recent experience with children aged 5-8 years old (Y1-Y3/ P1-P3). The advisory role is to take place online between March and August 2021.

More specifically, we ask for 20 hours of your time. This will help inform the development of 4 training and practice based resources so they offer the most value to UK teachers and children.

The outputs are:

  1. 90min online/face-to-face teacher training for primary STEM teachers
  2. Downloadable self-training resources
  3. Short animation about embodied learning
  4. Educational game

Requested time falls across four main activities:

  • Contribute in 3 x 2-hour online workshops (to take place outside of school hours).
    • 10 hours total, including preparation and follow up
  • Help inform and evaluate the educational game output including evaluation of activities in class (online or in-person) where appropriate and feasible.
    • 6 hours total
  • Provide feedback on outputs and project evaluation via email.
    • 2 hours total
  • Participate in project evaluation
    • 2 hours total

What we offer

  • Remuneration of £600 to be paid directly on completion of tasks (totaling 20 hours).
  • Insight into cutting-edge research that examines the role of action and gestures in how children learn, as well as how this translates to useable classroom pedagogy and resources. You will have had a part in creating the latter.
  • A prototype game pack of 30 cards to support discussion of Covid-19 with children.
  • Prototype manufactured version of the game output to support science teaching and learning.
  • The opportunity to share experiences and thoughts with other teachers around the UK, as well as with educational leads at leading UK science organisations, such as:
    • London Science Museum
    • Scottish Schools Education Research Centre
    • Glasgow Science Centre, Graphic Science
  • Recognition of your input in our project webpage/ report.

How to apply

If interested, please email the project manager, Dr Claire Sowton giving a short rationale for your interest and the school you would represent.

We aim to recruit 12 teacher advisors who represent a diverse range of schools by 26th February.

About the Move2Learn project

The Move2Learn project was a $2.4million Science Learning+ project between the UK and US, funded by the National Science Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and the Economic and Social Research Council. Its aim was to investigate the role of body-based interaction in early science learning, and the implications for design in informal science settings.

Given the relevance of the project findings for STEM in schools, the UK project team was awarded further funding from Wellcome Trust – through ScotPEN – to engage with teachers to develop outputs that could enhance STEM learning for children in the UK.

Project video (2018):

Project Team

University of Edinburgh: Dr Andrew Manches, Dr Claire Sowton, Alexia Revueltas Roux

UCL Knowledge Lab: Professor Sara Price, Minna Nygren

Glasgow Science Centre: Dr Sharon Macnab

Scottish Schools Education Research Centre: Euan Mitchell

Science Museum Group: Karen Davies

Graphic Science: Ben Johnson