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Using 3D objects in the classroom

Why use 3D objects?

Our 3D objects provide an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of medicine and science, especially for those who aren’t able to experience Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries in person.

By bringing objects out of the museum and into a more familiar environment, students can identify with the people who made and used them. They can also move the objects, interact with them and look at them from any angle – something that isn’t possible in a gallery setting.

Use 3D objects in your classroom:

In this resource we have included some powerful questions to spark your students’ interest and help start a conversation.

Some of these questions may cover sensitive topics, so please use your discretion.

See, Link, Wonder

See, Link, Wonder is our tool to help you and your students get the most out of object-based learning.

By generating discussion and creating links between objects, curriculum science and their everyday lives, your students will use their observational skills and gain the confidence to talk about what they see.

Remember: every student’s view is unique, and there are no wrong answers.

You can use See, Link, Wonder in our museums, in the classroom, in the playground or even back at home.

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