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This video will help your students explore sound and make creative connections between science, art and music.

It’s one of 7 questions to explore before you leave primary school, a series of short films designed to provide inspiration for cross-curricular learning. Find out more below.

Sound is all around us. Take a guitar, a piano or a trombone. We can hear it, we can see the instrument, but can we actually see the sound it produces? If you could see sound, what would it look like?

Filmed at Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery at the Science Museum, London.

7 questions to explore before you leave primary school

This project—a collaboration between the Science Museum, TES and the Arts Council—is designed to provide inspiration for cross-curricular learning and offer greater access to STEM for all types of learners. We see that wonder and imagination are the foundation of both arts and sciences, and these videos invite young people to help answer big questions about the world using their curiosity, creative thinking and problem-solving skills through STEM, arts and humanities subjects.

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Each question, which can be used either as part of a lesson or as the start of a full topic of work, can be approached from a multitude of angles, opening up opportunities for learning across science, history, art and design and beyond.

See all seven films on our YouTube channel