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Maths is used to collect and interpret data about individuals and populations to better understand health and disease. The objects in this image bank showcase ways of using maths to understand bodies and diseases.

A metal weighing scale with a circular face and a long basket attached to the top.

Maths is crucial for understanding health and disease. For example, when you go to the doctor, they will take measurements such as height, weight and blood pressure, which give clues about your health.

Epidemiologists look to discover the cause of a disease, its mode of transmission and the effectiveness of control measures such as vaccinations.

Scattered, overlapping, pastel-coloured, translucent cards with holes punched in them.

Maths also provides us with the information we need to develop safe, effective treatments through data collection and statistics.

Using maths to understand our bodies and diseases has helped increase our life spans and find effective treatments. Having confidence in maths helps us to understand our own health and make informed decisions.

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