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On 18 June 2016, after six months orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station, Tim Peake returned to Earth in the Soyuz TMA-19M descent module.

Tim Peake, astronaut

Between 27 September 2018 and 12 May 2019, Tim Peake’s Spacecraft travelled all across the UK as part of the Samsung and Science Museum Group’s The National Tour of Tim Peake’s Spacecraft. It began in Bradford and ended in Belfast, even stopping by a cathedral on the way.

Now the descent module has returned to the Science Museum, London, where it can be seen in our Exploring Space gallery.

This image bank includes fascinating photographs of Tim’s journey to and from the ISS, plus amazing close-ups of the Soyuz descent module itself.

Use the images in your classroom to spark curiosity and discussion around space exploration.

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