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Discover science news from around the world, written by the Science Museum's Contemporary Science team. Share these stories with your students to get a discussion started in your classroom.

Imagine if we didn’t have to make new plastic anymore? Discovering the enzyme PETase could make it easier to recycle plastic multiple times over, helping to solve the problem of plastic waste in the environment.

The brain is a mysterious thing, and it just got even more amazing. Scientists have been able to help snails ‘learn’ from transplanted nerves.

Google has trained helpful software to talk on the phone. The Google Assistant makes sounds like ‘m-hmm’ and pauses to make it seem more human.

The famous physicist’s final piece of work has been published. This research suggests that all universes came from one big event, instead of many Big Bangs.

Tasmanian devils may spread the cancers when they bite each other’s faces during fights, but now scientists think a human cancer drug could treat them.

A team at NASA triggered a reaction between gas mixtures and plasma to re-create an alien atmosphere. Re-creating exoplanets’ atmospheres here could help us find signs of life.