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Maths is everywhere. Everything has a shape to identify, a size to measure, an amount to count or statistics to examine.

Outline of the "Gugnunc" aeroplane from Mathematics: the Winton gallery

This activity trail, set within Mathematics: The Winton Gallery and Science City 1550 – 1800: The Linbury Gallery, highlights the maths in objects ranging from tiny glass eyes to enormous oil tankers.

The trail is packed with maths-themed activities and challenges to help lead you and your group through the galleries. You can follow it in any order you like, and you can use the map to help you locate all the objects.

To begin, download the Maths KS3-4 activity trail. It includes a map of Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, objects to hunt for and prompts to get everyone thinking and talking.

Using this activity

The trail explores the maths-related exhibits in the following galleries at the Science Museum, London: