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Our blog is written by practitioners, for practitioners, to reflect on what research into STEM engagement means for our day-to-day practice.

At the end of July, Kate Davis visited the October Gallery in Bloomsbury to see Rock, Paper, Scissors, an exhibition co-curated with the Gallery’s Youth Collective. Made up of young people aged 14-24, the Youth Collective meet each week to explore contemporary art, meet artists and each year, create an exhibition.

This year, the Reading Agency partnered with the Science Museum Group for a science and innovation themed Summer Reading Challenge. Sophie Holland, shares her experience of engaging new audiences with the message that science – like reading – is for everyone.

After a two-year hiatus the out and about series returns! The world is opening up once more and we are able to get out and about to explore incredible places. In this edition Andy Lickley explores the Castle Museum in York. In this post he provides and shares the activities and exhibits that he discovered which helped visitors feel welcome and confident to take part in the museum’s experiences.

The Science Museum Group have been working with the principle of science capital for almost 10 years. Throughout our journey we have learned a huge amount around what this approach can look like in practice and what challenges we, and our colleagues have faced with it. Here we share our top 5 most commonly asked questions.

The Science Museum Group has developed a broad range of learning resources which are an important tool in encouraging science talk, showing science’s relevance to everyday life and helping extend the learning beyond our museum walls.
Andy Lickley, SMG Academy Programme Leader, goes through his favourite kitchen science experiments from the SMG learning resources website.

We experience the world through a combination of what we can see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Sassy Holmes, Associate Interactive Gallery Curator for the National Railway Museum, delves into the importance of exploring all of the senses when creating inclusive community engagement.