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Engaging all audiences with science

This course introduces the concept of science capital and informal science learning; how they can help us understand how people from all backgrounds engage with science, and how their engagement might be increased.

What can I expect?

This course will introduce the concept of science capital and what it means for our work in the informal science learning sector. We will share with you a range of tools to help you reflect on the research and apply a science capital approach to your own work.

The content of this course has been put together as a result of the Science Museum Group’s partnership with King’s College London and University College London through the Enterprising Science project.

Key content includes:

  • An introduction to the science capital research
  • How the informal science learning sector can help build science capital
  • How you can apply the research to your work

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have insights into the science capital research
  • Have an understanding of how informal science learning experiences can help to build science capital
  • Have ideas that will help you to apply a science capital approach to your work